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Marketing Organization Development

Mapping Marketing Competencies

When companies look to apply more business discipline to developing their marketing personnel, having a well-defined set of marketing competencies is critical. It allows the firm and its individual employees’ to guide decision-making in areas such as performance evaluation, career development, recruitment and selection, and succession planning.

Kotler Marketing offers clients a proven process for defining marketing competencies customized to their business and organizational needs.

For more on what marketing competencies are, their role in  developing a high-performance marketing organization, and how we help our clients in this area, click here.

Marketing Training

Philip Kotler once said, “Marketing is a learning game.” Indeed, marketing initiatives are only as effective as the people who implement them. That is why training is critical. For more on Kotler Marketing’s approach to training click here.

Assessing the Marketing Process

Companies whose culture is driven by engineering and/or sales often face a challenge in becoming more customer-focused.  As the first step in this transition we recommend undertaking a marketing audit. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of a company's marketing function and processes, and provide recommendations for improvement.


 "Marketing is a learning game."

                        -Philip Kotler
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Marketing Competencies

Marketing Training

American Express

“When we set out to create a more marketing-driven approach and culture two years ago, we hired Kotler Marketing Group. They have supported us throughout this transition with training and competency tools that are specific to our business and industry. They truly are
thought leaders and we appreciate the best practices and insights they bring.”

                    – VP of Marketing, 
                       A leading surgical instruments supplier  

“Kotler Marketing Group defined a set of marketing competencies that are relevant for both our B2B and B2C businesses. They’ve created a road map for professional development and skill building that will enable us to develop world-class marketing talent.”

                    – Jim Blann, SVP, Premium Value Group,
                       American Express


 Philip Kotler introduced the concept of the marketing audit in his classic article, "The Marketing Audit Comes Of Age". Since that time Kotler Marketing Group has spent decades putting the principles he articulated into practice. 

The audit methodology consists of in-depth interviews with company executives and managers, as well as outside stakeholders such as customers and channel partners. Recommendations focus on key changes to make the organization more responsive to markets and customers.

To learn more about how we can help your organization develop and implement a customized set of marketing competencies and skills, contact us.

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