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Value-Based Marketing

For nearly two decades Kotler Marketing Group has worked with leading companies to solve marketing and sales challenges. We specialize in helping B2B suppliers – from the Global 1000 to startups – implement a value-based sales and marketing approach. Our suite of consulting and training services is designed to help clients:

  • Defend their pricing, and

  • Accelerate sales

To assist companies on this front, we offer a package of consulting, sales tools and training designed to support our clients throughout the entire sales cycle. Our process for helping clients to present a solid “business case” for their products, services and solutions is based on best practices and consists of the following approach:

  1. Researching the value of our client’s offerings. In today’s environment, suppliers can no longer claim to deliver value; they must prove it. We work with our clients to identify the data they will need to substantiate the benefits they claim their product and services will deliver (e.g., reduced downtime, faster-time-to market, improved productivity, etc.). We then develop and execute a plan for gathering such data.
  2. Developing customized sales tools and “value” calculators. We have a decade of experience developing value calculators, case studies and white papers. We take great pride that clients have used our sales tools to generate over $100 million in incremental revenue. Our sales tools are user-friendly and feature-rich, with the ability to easily generate summary reports and presentations that can be used throughout the sales cycle. Our successes span all of the B2B industries we serve: enterprise hardware and software, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, healthcare and life sciences.

  3. Training front-line personnel on how to articulate the value of their offering. B2B suppliers face intense, challenging sales environments and their sales people need the skills to accelerate the sales cycle and defend pricing and margins. Our sales training and negotiation programs can be integrated with our clients’ existing training programs and are designed to leverage the investment made in sales tools and other forms of collateral. Our programs are industry-specific and can be delivered on-site at client facilities.

Ask about our advisory services on sales organization issues drawing on our extensive best-practice database, based on in-depth research with hundreds of B2B suppliers in a variety of industries.

To learn more about our consulting services, contact us.



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