Defending Price™ Sales Training

Because B2B suppliers face intense, challenging sales environments, their sales people need the skills to defend pricing and margins. But traditional negotiation training has limited effect. There are no new negotiating tricks, and procurement departments know all the old ones!

“Defending Price” sales training programs are different. Participants learn a rigorous valued-based approach – resisting pricing pressure by quantifying their value; and articulating it in a credible and compelling fashion.

Because value is industry-specific, so is our training. "Defending Price” programs are available for suppliers to the following industries (click on links for PDF program brochures):

Each program features:

  • Expert instructors with 20+ years of experience in their respective industry domains;
  • Industry-specific case studies, sales tools and success stories.


Selling Value to Community-based Banks

Winning a Premium Price for Fuel Systems

Selling Value to Hospitals and IDN


“Not only were we able to defend our pricing – we improved it. We negotiated a premium of $3.7 million from one OEM on a single program”

                    - Supplier of catalyst technology to
                      the automotive industry

“Very worthwhile. With the benefit of the tools and training, we’re able to do a better job of defending our price!”

                   - Hanjoon Ryu, SVP, Point of Care Business,

The methodology and approach, formulated by a real understanding of the way customers view investment decisions, provides valuable insight on this critical subject.”  

                    - Sales Executive, Financial Sector Sales,                       British Telecom


Automotive Suppliers - Dates and Locations

Healthcare Suppliers - Dates and Locations


Hundreds of suppliers have sent thousands of their employees through “Defending Price” programs. We take great pride in our clients’ successes – generating incremental revenue and defending margins.

In-company programs are conducted on-site at your facility and are 1-2 days in duration. Public programs are also available (see links above for dates and locations).

For any questions or to schedule an in-house training program, call 1-800-331-9110 or email tkotler@kotlermarketing.com.


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