HAC Financial Impact Calculator
On-Demand User Training 

User training for the calculator is available in a series of brief (~10 minutes), on-demand webinars, viewable on most smartphones and tablets as well as computers. These webinars cover installation and using the calculator to model the financial impact of reduced infections, with separate training modules related to CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, MRSA, and c. difficile.  

Ongoing Subscription Fees

The user training package is offered on a subscription basis. Subscribers receive quarterly updates reflecting the latest data and any changes to Medicare P4P programs related to hospital-acquired infections. 

The initial purchase price is $99, with an ongoing subscription fee of $45 per quarterly update. 

You may cancel your subscription at any time. However the initial purchase price is not refundable once training modules have been viewed. 

Group Discounts

For those looking to deploy training to multiple users, volume discounts are available. For more information, or to discuss creating a custom version of the training for your company, contact us.

Purchase Instructions

Step 1: Enter subscriber and payment information (to the right).

Step 2: You will be re-directed to page with access to all the latest training modules.

Step 3: You may access the training at any time by using the link provided in your purchase confirmation email.

Subscriber & Payment Information: User Training




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