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Creative Re-Boot Camp

In-house clients want unique and compelling content that cuts through the clutter, is memorable, within brand standards, and they want it fast.  At the same time, a recent survey found that in-house creative teams have seen their workload balloon 10X in recent years.
How can managers set up their creative teams to successfully meet  this challenge?

The Myth: Creativity can’t be learned

This one-day intensive workshop starts with 10 conceptual constructs that we’ve seen applied successfully across industries and brand personalities. Each construct provides a different lens to make brainstorming more prolific and the results more varied and memorable.  See the full program brochure here.

  June 6 Dallas, TX $1350 Register
  July 11 Cleveland, OH $1350 Register

Attendees walk away with:

  • 10 creative tools & constructs
  • Applications to their own current creative challenges
  • A framework for evaluating candidate ideas
  • Best practices for getting buy-in from brand stakeholders

Who should attend?

  • Designers & creative directors
  • Brand management
  • Product marketing
  • Marketing directors
  • CMOs


  • Registration fees are $1,350 per person.
  • Discounts are available for groups of three or more.
  • In-house delivery available for your team.


About the instructor:

Noel Ritter is an award-winning creative director, art director, and writer with 30 years of industry experience. His work has been highlighted in Ad Week, Ad Age, and Brand Week. In addition, his creative effort and process has been featured on NPR’s This American Life. And his work has been recognized by, among others: The One Show, the Effie Awards, The Kelley Awards, the Caples, Print (magazine), and in MOMA.

Noel has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brand Center and continues to teach as an adjunct faculty member in the Robertson School of Media & Culture.

The Creative Re-Boot Camp was developed to teach his creative process – the same one that's delivered high-impact campaigns including the iconic GEICO "Cavemen" spots; and Abraham Lincoln and a Beaver as dream characters for the sleep aid Rozerem; among many others.

Campaigns like this don't just win awards, they drive business results.  For example, the "Caveman" campaign is widely credited as a major driver of GEICO's 500% growth in market share over several years.


    To learn more contact our Marketing & Sales Training Practice.


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